Should student join the teacher on the strike?


Senior Alexis and sum chick holding up a protest sign

The majority of students would support the teachers if they went on strike at Morton.

The 2019 strike was the longest strike there’s been in decades and the strike would last 11 days after the rejection of many offers. The City spent millions on reducing class sizes, more social workers, nurses, and librarians. In addition to all that an approved 16% salary increase over the coming five years. After the negotiation teachers were not satisfied and wanted to make classes smaller. In a random survey of 117 Morton East students, 64 students reported that they would support their teachers if they went on strike.

“I have a great working relationship with the union and have nothing but great things to say about them,” Morton principal Jose Gamboa said.

While Mr. Gamboa isn’t against the union, he feels like it’s not the best option to go on strike. We found that other teachers have similar views that striking should be the last resort.

“Striking should always be a last resort because of the damage it does. As a result, the benefits gained by the strike need to outweigh the damage done,” Science teacher Samuel Bonner said.

While the teacher believes that doing the strike would affect student and student-athletes with their education. Most students think its selfish because they’re not thinking of the students.

“Having been affected by the strike even though it won’t affect me as much as others I still think it’s selfish to put kids out of school,” Senior Joell Loredo from Westinghouse High school said.

All levels of Students would be affected and it’s not a great thing for the younger ones. Some students think that teachers don’t even deserve the pay they want and for the teachers to go on strike and make the students lose their education is unfair.

“I think it was dumb and a waste of time. K-8th-grade teachers especially, do not deserve a 100k average salary,” Senior Jaymes Garrity from Westinghouse High School said.

At the end of the day, a student should be our first and last priority no matter the situation, even our younger student shouldn’t lose that free education.

“Like police and the military, I think the MCU (Morton Council Union) is a “necessary evil” which gives teachers a voice,” Science teacher Samuel Bonner said.