Majority of students have had car accident


For many students, this is, unfortunately, a familiar site.

The majority of Morton East students have been in a car accident. 

When Morton East students/staff were surveyed, it shows that more people have gotten into at least one car accident so far. In a random survey of 100 students, 58 have gotten into a car accident. That’s more than 50%. Shockingly – or not — if you talk on the phone while driving your chances of crashing increase by 400%. Road accidents cost the U.S $230.6 billion per year. 

Respecting road laws and speed limits are important for all safety 

I was drifting my car and hit the sidewalk after I realized that my suspension was ruined,” senior Michael Aguirre said.  

The most important thing in any accident is to make sure everyone is okay.  

“The feeling was not good, I knew it was my fault both times, luckily there were no injuries,”  Auto Mechanic teacher Mr. Yunker said. 

And, remember that leaving the scene of an accident is a felony. 

“It was with 2 other friends another car cut me off, and I rearended him, I took off.  Senior Johan Rodriguez said. 

Your actions can affect everybody 

“it was pretty bad, I rolleover twice in the car and then I stopped when I hit the pole.”  Senior Anthony Erickson said. 

We should all be more careful when it comes to road safety. 

“Depends on who the better driver, women are a little more careful.”: English teacher Ms. Ororzco said.