Deans hired at East

In the new 2019 school year at Morton East High School, two new deans were introduced.

All the students got assigned to their deans with the news that new deans were introduced. Who wouldn’t like to know information about them? 

One new dean, Mr. Phillip Depa, has experience working with younger; before Morton East, he was a physical education teacher at Berwyn Irving Elementary. He was also able to obtain leadership experience as the District Health and Wellness coordinator and the physical education department head. The new Dean Mr. Philip Depa showed interest in knowing if students in school have known about him and if they have him as a dean. In a random survey of ninety-three Morton East Students, thirty students reported having him as a dean. 

“I am excited to join the Morton east team as a dean of students,” Mr. Depa said. 

How do students feel about the new dean? 

“I haven’t had the opportunity to meet him, but I would like to know about him,” Sayan Flores said.

Mr. Depa mentioned his objective as a dean.

 “As a dean, I will continuously strive to help students advance and create attainable action plans for success,” Depa said.

Teens always need to be guided by an adult to avoid poor choices.

“I am glad his purpose is to help students since, at this age of juvenile, we decide to make bad decisions”, Noami Alvarez junior student said.

According to the information obtained, Mr. Depa is known that not many students know about him as interesting facts that he expecting a baby girl on December third. Traditionally he comment to us he also bought a house and is very excited for the blessings that he had received. As for an example of having a new job, going to have a baby and having a house for his family. 

Another dean that was introduced is Mrs. Megan Stachura she isn’t currently working since she had a baby. Before working at Morton East, she worked as a School Social Worker in a therapeutic day school, then as a School Social Worker in Berwyn South District 100.

“I really can’t wait for Mrs. Stachura to be back, so I can be able to introduce myself!” William Garcia said, currently a junior. 

Students are very curious to know who she is. 

“The day she comes back I will go personally to her office and welcome her back, I miss her,”Jessica Contreras added, currently a senior.