Give teachers guns, students say

The Majority of Morton East students think that teachers should be allowed to have guns in Cicero schools.

In the United States, five states —  Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, Texas and South Dakota — are allowing teachers to carry firearms in schools. Researchers and policy experts think a new ban on assault weapons could reduce mass-shooting deaths. The lack of background checks is also associated with higher rates of gun violence. In a random survey of 120 Morton East students, 71 students reported that teachers should not be allowed to have guns in Cicero schools.

“(Teachers shouldn’t be armed) because a student can obtain the weapon through unreasonable means,” head of security Linda Bultrini (Scooby) said.

One Morton East student thinks the same.

“(Teachers) should not because it is easy to get a gun,” senior Mauricio Solano said.

Morton East Teacher has a similar standpoint.

“As a teacher for 5 years, I can say that our school needs more educators and art programs and don’t need guns,” Math teacher Mr. Elkins said.

“Yes, they should need a criminal background check, and sike evaluation before being allowed to purchase a gun or get a gun license,” Officer Bob said.

Principal, Jose Gamboa had the same opinion.

“Teachers should not have guns in classrooms because police officers around the school carry guns and there’s not a good reason for teachers to have them,” Principal Gamboa said.

Senior, Morton east student Manny Delgado supports the idea he said.

“Teachers should be allowed to carry firearms for safety purposes or in case of an intruder to protect the class,” said Senior Manny Delgado.