Many students are against the “wall” — but they still think it’s coming


Photo credit to Congressman Bobby Rush

Anthony Abarca and Quinton Dixon

In a recent study of 100 Morton East students and staff, 40 said that they believe that the US will eventually create a wall on the southern border. 

In 2019 so far there have been 10,265 migrants caught on the southern border from a total 48,287 captured in total from all entry points in the US. Most of the immigrants were of 18 years old but there were a lot of children crossing the border. Although in recent years more people have been leaving the US than coming in some people do want the government to pass a bill in which funding is produced to further secure the southern border with Mexico. 

‘’Yes, just cause the way he is he’s so critical on Latin Americans,’’ Senior Anahi Rodriguez said. 

She Feels like Donald Trump is being hard on the Latin culture because he’s trying to build the wall. 

‘’No, because they not going to give the money for it,’’ Junior Luis Bocanegra said. 

He knows the Government won’t provide Trump with money to build the wall. 

‘’Yea, because they have a bad president, they’re going to do what he wants,’’ Senior Ashley Polacios said.         

Donald Trump is the president he does has power, but that doesn’t mean he can just do what he wants. 

‘’I hope not, his not good it sends the wrong message, we’re not that type of people,’’ math teacher Ms. Courtney Miller said.

It seems that many people think that the wall can go either way.

“They’re not going to build the wall; they’re going to lock Trump up,” Senior Deonte Jackson said.

While others think more radical measures are going to be taken.

” I don’t know; it’s a stalemate right now.  No one is making concessions; the only way something changes is if the public changes their views and Republicans make compromises,” English teacher Mrs. Therese Tanski said.

It seems right now that people think there are many possibilities on the table right now, and it seems they’re all equally able to happen.