Winter is coming, colder and longer


Lizbeth Alvarez and Christina Cortez

Our winters are getting harsher and harsher within the years.  

In recent studies, it has been found that the weakening of the polar vortex may be one of the reasons for harsher winters. November 9th, 2018 was the earliest it had snowed in Chicago in three decades. In the last four decades, it has been common that the Arctic is melting & in result we have colder winters. The worst & coldest Chicago winter has been approximately estimated in 2013-2014. & get ready because Chicago’s coldest month is yet to come, January. The average amount of snow here in Chicago is 32-inches with temperatures at around -18 Fahrenheit.  The population just wasn’t ready for such cold days so soon this time. Some people wonder if it is even normal. 

“I think it is very normal. It all has to do with science,” teacher Ms. Castellanos said  

Those who say it’s scientifically normal may disagree with environmentalists and those claiming global warming has a play in the temperature changes. 

“I think our winters are just going to keep getting colder because we don’t take care of our environment,” one anonymous senior said. 

There’s a good amount of different opinions about the cold. Not everyone is against the cold. 

“I feel like this year’s winter is going to last longer because it started sooner, but I don’t mind because I would rather be cold than feel Chicago’s hot boiling weather in the summer,” senior Jennifer Torres said.