Students at Morton need to step up donations

Juan Espinosa, reporter

Less than half of students at East have donated cans to the yearly Canned Food Drive. 

Here at Morton East High School, we host a Canned Food Drive in the winter holidays every year, but not so many students donate as much as they should. In a random survey of 110 Morton East students, 47 students reported to have donated to this year Can Food Drive. 

The Canned Food Drive is a form of charity that Morton East High School does every holiday to stockpile and distribute foodstuff to those persons and families in the community in need of food who cannot afford food. 

A Food Drive is a safe and organizable way to donate food to those in need, to start one with your corporation or a group of individuals you have to first go to your food bank to give you advice on; food safety, when food is needed most and what types of items that is food or not-food they can safely accept. When the food is about to be distribute out to those in need, it is first inspected to make sure the food is safe. The Feeding America network maintains the highest standards of food safety.  

“People need to eat, and those who don’t have nothing to eat — you should give them something to eat,” said Danna Martinez a student here at Morton East High School. 

It’s not about what you receive it’s about giving and not just your loved ones but also giving to those in need. 

“Yes, because the holidays are for giving and helping others.” said Destiny Loera. 

There are many ways to donate to those in need for the holidays, like toy drives for children or fundraisers. 

“Donate money by selling stuff,” said Yvette Baeza.