Mercy Hospital shooting shocks students

Alejandra Prieto, Diana Roman, Janeika Ramos, and Bryan De Leon Ramirez

On November 19, 2018, there were three innocent people killed at the Mercy Hospital shooting.

At the Mercy Hospital, three innocent victims were killed, one of the victims was doctor Tamara O’Neal who had broken off the engagement with the shooter. Chicago police Supt. Eddie Johnson said O’Neal was leaving after her shift when she and Lopez got into a verbal altercation in the parking lot. Witnesses said they saw Lopez shoot O’Neal at least six times in the parking lot. Police and Lopez engaged in an exchange of gunfire, where Less a pharmacy resident at Mercy was exiting an elevator when she was fatally shot. Jimenez was also shot in the exchange taken in critical condition to the University of Chicago Hospital. Mercy has set up a fund for donations to benefit the victims’ families.

“It was tragic, but I feel bad for the families of the victims, the way the cop jumped in front of the bullet. I feel like that was very heroic,” English teacher Angelica Samata said.

Tragic incidents that happen from broken relationships come from domestic violent relationships or toxic relationships.

“Unfortunately, it’s more common then we think. I think people need to talk about it more and it also needs to be addressed more,” Morton East Psychologist Ms. Myers said.

There’re other factors besides addressing domestic violence and mental health that cause these incidents.

“I think mental illness is a big issue because if they were mentally stable or had family support things like that wouldn’t happen” Astronomy Teacher Mr. Depke said.