Abortion continues to be hot topic at Morton East

Giselle Uribe, reporter

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Most students are still pro-life (against abortion) at Morton East, but an increasing number of students call for a woman’s right to choose (abortion as an option). 

In a random survey of 108 Morton East students, 71 claim to be against abortion; only 37 are for abortion. Around  5,500 women from other states are traveling to Illinois to have an abortion. A woman who is younger than 17 needs a parents note saying they have permission to have an abortion. Abortion is the United States is legal.  In 1973, the supreme court made the decision of reaffirming that right.

“Abortion should be illegal because if people are sexually active and think they are old enough to do that; they should act old enough to take responsibility of having a kid,” said senior Jackie Murillo.

There are multiple reasons as to why women are coming to Illinois to get an abortion.

“Many people come to Illinois to get an abortion because we have the right sources like having multiple clinics that can help you when it comes to abortion, Also many people think it’s expensive to have a kid,” said theater teacher Ms. Spohnholtz.

There are multiple opinions when it comes to abortion. Even though there are many options for an abortion it all comes up to the women’s decision of what is best for her.

“I am pro-choice because I think women should be able to do what she desires,” said senior Maria Plasencia.

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