The 5 most horrifying serial killers? Here they are

Juan Espinosa, reporter

Courtesy of
The Zodiac Killer and an artist’s rendering.

Serial Killers are the most horrifying, notorious, inhuman people to ever confront; they won’t think twice about killing you. Here are top 5 five serial killers that will run chills all over your body.  

The Zodiac Killer is well known in the Northern Part of California from the 1960’s-70’s. His identity remains unknown; he would send taunting weird letters to local Bay Areas. He claims to have killed 37 innocent lives; on Oct 30, 1966 he slashed one of his victims throats open gushing out blood on his face with a creepy smile as he continues to stab his victim several more times.   

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer also known as the Milwaukee Monster or the Milwaukee Cannibal. An American serial killer & sex offender who committed the rape, murder and dismemberment of 17 men & boys. One day someone reported of a 19-year-old boy to be in shock and dizzy, but Jeffrey said that the boy was only drunk, and the police believed him as he carried on with the boy. The people who made the report tried telling the officers that the boy was bleeding from his buttocks, but the officers told them to “butt off”. Jeffrey then made the wound in the boys’ buttocks even worse by raping him and ended up killing him that same day. 

 Theodore Robert Bundy or as many called him Ted Bundy for short, an American serial killer, kidnapper, rapist, burglar and necrophile (a person who loves to have sex with dead bodies) whose main victims were young women and girls, during the 1970’s he’d fake injuries or disabilities to attract his victims and kill them for his own pleasure. He’s killed more than 30 innocent lives; Ted would knock out his victims and take their clothes off to rape them while unconscious and once he’s done he’ll begin to stab his victim to death and then begins to have sex with her lifeless body again, he’ll then slash their bodies into pieces to make sure he can bury them where he buries the other bodies. After being caught for the second time he was sentenced to death roll and died of execution by electrocution in Florida State Prison. 

 You will hate clowns even more after hearing about this guy. Taking place here in Cook County Illinois between 1972-78 John Wayne Gacy would dress up as a clown named Pogo the Clown to remind himself from his childhood and for little kid’s parties, but he was also a gruesome serial killer and rapist, sexually assaulted, tortured and murdered at least 33 young men and teenage boys in his Norwood Park ranch house. He would trick his victim and handcuff him and starts to take his victims clothes off him to sexually assault him; John will either stab or shot his victim to death. 

 These scary serial killers have been caught and punished for their horrific crimes but there is 1 serial killer who was never caught; he is the scariest of them all, till this day his identity remains unknown, not much is known personally about him, but he is famously known as Jack the Ripper; he is also known as Whitechapel Murderer and Leather Apron. His targets were mainly female prostitutes at the East end of London. He’d slice their throats so that he can instantly kill his victims prior to abdominal mutilations; he would then grab his sharpest knife to cut open their body open and with his bare hands he’ll reach inside to rip off their organs. 

 “They all seem to have deep phycological issues.” said Mr. Fischer  

Indeed, they really do, these kinds of people really need some serious help, but even after being caught many don’t agree so but there is some who do agree. 

“They need to be stricter, get some counseling, do more about it.’’ said Olga Alcantar. 

Many people would be terrified to confront any of these serial killers, some would try to fight back, and others would try to run away but what really is going to happen will be a terrible murder.  

“I would grab the nearest object and throw it at him and then I would try to kill him myself.” said Jasleen Vences.