Spirits seen at Morton College in Cicero


Courtesy of Chronicle Media

A ghost is enrolled at Morton College in Cicero.

Did you know that Morton College is haunted by a ghost?

According to https://www.hauntedplaces.org/item/morton-college/, Emily is a spirit seen and heard in the campus of Morton College. She was murdered near the Laramie Bridge by the school before the school was built. Security at the school have seen Emily’s spirit wonder around the rooftops at night, and theatergoers have heard Emily in the theater, especially during violent plays that contain murder scenes.

“She’s never appeared to me, although there is many stories of her and supposed knocking that’s heard in between the walls,” Morton College student said.

Many students have heard the stories and myths on Emily, however many don’t believe in the stories.

“I heard about her at a party and my friends and I went to walk around there late at night but I didn’t see or hear anything suspicious on my part,” a Morton College Student said.

There are a couple of students that have experienced hearings and suspicious acts at the campus that don’t want to believe in Emily but the acts have them worried.

“When I am walking to class at times in the halls I hear like loud bangs in between the walls and it freaks me out because I remember about the stories of Emily and I speed walk to class or wherever I’m going.” Student, Jose Quiroz said.

There are many sides to this story and many experiences, however Emily would only know if she’s really haunting the school or not.