MEHS history teachers select scariest events in history

Paola Gonzalez, Angel Gonzalez, Bryan Benitez, and Lia Figueroa

Morton East history teachers recently determined what the scariest event in history were. 

With Halloween around the corner, people try to get into the Halloween spirit by buying scary decorations, watching scary movies, but most importantly, reading the scary stories that come with this holiday. When everyone thinks of scary stories, they think of make-believe stories such as Friday the 13th, Michael Myers, and Nightmare on Elm Street. However, the true horror stories are those that have occurred in the past and continue to occur. Just this week, pipe bombs were anonymously sent to 6 well known Democrat supporters including the Obamas, and the Clintons. Authorities don’t know who sent these packages or how many more are still planned to be sent. Morton East history teachers were asked to explain what they believed was the scariest event to have taken place in history.  

The Black Plague was a catastrophic global epidemic that struck Europe in the mid 1300s. Victims of this plague experienced black boils throughout their body that oozed blood and pus; and very quickly die.  

“[The scariest event in history was] The Black Plague because it didn’t matter who you were, or how much money you had. Anybody could get the disease and die in 24 hours,” U.S history teacher Mr.Thevalakara said.  

There is no doubt that such an unexpected disease that would cause sudden death is quite frightening, however some teachers view lack of government protection in events such as the trail of tears and the most alarming event to take place in history.   

“[The scariest event in history was] The trail of tears because no one stood up for [the Cherokee people] and they continued to suffer because of that. The Supreme Court had said to leave them alone, but the president didn’t. It shows problems in the government,” U.S history teacher Ms.Avila said. 

Ultimately, seeing injustices be done to a group of people, and no one taking a stand to help their cause like it occurred during the holocaust is what other teachers view as the most frightening occurrence in history.  

“[The scariest event in history was] The holocaust. Just taking people because of their race and diversity, and no one taking a stand to stop it,” history teacher Mr.Piva said.

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Colossal massacres just like this one was a devastating common occurrence during the Holocaust.