Morton East has its own dentist

Jose Lopez, reporter

Morton has a dentist, it’s called Smile Mobile.

Smile Mobile provides free dental service for students — to clean their teeth, provide cosmetic recommendations and prevent further problems.  700 students who signed-up in August during registration will get that service.  Students receive dental service during supervision hours and also during P.E classes. Their first visit was two weeks ago.

“Between 600 and 700 students got their teeth cleaned,” assistant principal Dr. Parrie said.

Why are we getting this service?

“It’s a service for families; money is provided by the government in order to be proactive in having healthy teeth during one’s life, provided cleanings and services to begin orthodontic treatments (i.e., braces),” assistant principal Dr. Parrie said.

Students said they got great service.

“My experience seeing the dentist was fast and great. It usually takes half an hour or more to see the dentist, but it actually took less than 15 minutes to see them. They called my name, then checked my teeth for any cavities, then they cleaned my teeth. The dentist told me I didn’t have any cavities,” senior Sergio Cardenas said (smiling).

So, how did Morton East get this awesome service?

“(Smile Mobile) visits schools in low income areas that can best service students,” assistant principal Dr. Parrie said.

Who pays?

“(The money comes from a) grant from the Federal government,” assistant principal Dr. Parrie said.

But, what if a student isn’t approved to enroll in Smile Mobile services?

“If your child doesn’t qualify with all kids, the parent can appeal the decision with the state. Or pay out of their pocket,” Dr. Parrie said.

The Smile Mobile also has a permanent clinic in Cicero called Metro Smiles for students outside of school.