Only Have 20 Credits? You’re Not Graduating!

Morton East is increasing the total number of credits required to graduate starting the upcoming school year of 2020.  

In the past years, students were required 20 credits to graduate. The teachers and principals are noticing that the students are not taking their work serious enough, the students are not getting all their work done. They have decided to increase the number to 25 credits. Most students are failing their classes, or they are barely passing with a grade of 1.0.  In a random survey of 120 Morton East students, 109 students are failing at least one class.  

“I am so glad this is my last year, I do not have to have 25 credits to graduate. I barely have 20 credits to graduate. I think it’ll be way harder for the students now; they have to get their work done and they need to come to school every day to make sure they stay on track,” senior Christian Gutierrez said. 

The class of 2019 is thrilled they are graduating this year because they do not have to worry about needing so many credits to graduate, but there are other seniors who are feeling bad for the other students. 

“I think it is unfair for the upcoming senior classes because they are making it harder for the students to graduate, people have lives outside of school and they don’t have the time to give all their attention to school,” senior Leonel Palos stated.  

There are some students who don’t like the idea, but there are other students who think it would have been good to enforce this new change a long time ago. 

“I wish they made this change back when I was a freshman because I think it would have opened the door to more opportunities for me, maybe I would have gotten accepted into better colleges because I would have had a higher number of credits and a higher GPA,” senior Hector Ceballos said.  

DISCLAIMER:  This MortONION article is entirely fabricated — false.  Be careful of FAKE NEWS!  Don’t spread lies.