Mice nest in girls’ bathroom

Morton East High School custodians found the mice nest in the girls’ 3rd-floor bathroom & in the 1st-floor bathroom as well.
Many girls have been running out of the bathroom due to the fact that they have seen many mice by the stalls, custodians have to walk in and try to get rid of them. According to a survey of 100 female students, 89 students agreed that the school should hire an exterminator to get rid of the mice in the bathrooms. Over 75% of the females said that they stopped going to the bathrooms because they are scared that a mouse will try to climb into their clothes.

“it’s nasty, and gross they need to clean the school better and make sure that this doesn’t happen,” senior Candy Flores said.

“I feel disgusted because that is so unsanitary and I would expect maintenance or the school staff to do something about it,” senior Vanessa Perez said.

“Considering the fact that the school has money to renovate they should have money to maintain the school clean, that should be the main priority,” Alexia Hernandez said.

DISCLAIMER:  This MortONION article is entirely fabricated — false.  Be careful of FAKE NEWS!  Don’t spread lies.