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Bulls gored by narcos

William Romas and Adrian Gallegos

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On April 1, 2019, the Chicago Bulls were caught with Narcos de Sinaloa.

One Chicago Bulls well-known player was pulled over and found with 5 kilos of Cocaine and marijuana. The NBA star seemed to be intoxicated and tried to make a run for it, after two days he was found in a Ranch with famous drug lord “El Mesterio Alacran de Sinaloa” in Joliet, IL. This lead to a massive shootout which resulted in 50 casualties. The Chicago Bulls were investigated and found guilty in court and all the players were transferred to a maximum security facility.

“I never thought that the Bulls would be involved in that, I always thought they were all about basketball and family, turns out they are a freaking flipping disappointment,” said one fan.

“I knew homeboy wasn’t like that you feel? He was always hiding secrets from his important ones, but he only did that to protect them and I respect that you feel? But it is, what it is,” said a retired teammate.

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3 Responses to “Bulls gored by narcos”

  1. Esmeralda Morales 3rd Hr on April 22nd, 2019 4:04 pm

    There is nothing believable about this article. All of this article is unbelievable but the most unbelievable part is when the basketball player met with the drug lord at a ranch in Joliet Illinois. If I was to see this on Facebook i would definitely not believe it.

  2. Iraq Barragan on April 24th, 2019 9:25 am

    Nothing in this article seems believable because the Bulls teams does not seem like the type to be about that life, How do the whole team end up in a ranch in Joliet, A sinaloan Narco over here away and far from his land, goes to Illinois??? This story does not seem believable at all.

  3. Sonia Hernandez on April 24th, 2019 12:41 pm

    Nothing in this article seems to be legit because just to begin with the time and location just didn’t add up and plus why would the whole team hide in a ranch in Joliet like what the? its just confusing.

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Bulls gored by narcos