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Understanding Yourself

Ximena Bautista is warming up for her dance performance.  (Photo taken by dance teammates)

 Ximena Bautista is a current senior at Morton East High school, Bautista has many stories she shared about herself and her future self. She grew up here in Cicero in a family of four where it later changed to three. Although Bautista never expected the harsh change in her life, she managed still be who she brightly is.  

 Bautista has been part of the dance team since seventh grade, she quickly became captain of her team in her freshman year and made it into varsity during her sophomore year and stayed their trough out her whole high school years.  

 I think my best memories have to be just dance. Dance to me has been what I look forward to when coming to school, like my practices. I think it’s a really good escape from everything and I really enjoy that. I have a lot of bonds, I choreograph the team, and I work out. I feel like it helps with our mindset,” Bautista said. 

 Bautista has a strong connection and passion towards dance where that’s her favorite memory at school where she can escape from everything. Not only that but growing up she’s always been passionate about dancing. 

 “I think I have I feel like growing up I always wanted to be this certain girl like always doing her work doing something she liked just doing which is dancing um just being there for my family and I think I’ve done everything so far that fits in my plan,” Bautista mentioned. 

 Bautista struggles with obstacles that recently happened to her where she is finding her own ways now, “Obstacles I’m facing right now are just settling in with my family. We recently went down to just three members in the family, and it has just been really tough. I think I have to be way more independent. It is hard, but I think day by day it gets better.”

Although Bautista is going through tough times, she always makes a chart of pros and cons and tries to flip through those on occasion. Regardless, she always tries to keep a positive mindset. 

 Bautista has only one older brother that is a gym trainer and mentions something she can’t stand about him, “I have one older brother and if we ever get into an argument, he kind of waits for me to get back to like being friends. So if I don’t say like ‘ I miss you’ or something we would literally not talk for who knows how long.” 

 Bautista said, “I do have a lot of good memories in my childhood. Certain moments with my mom, my dad, or my brother or my family in general for example. Just traveling with the four of us.” 

 Regardless of the annoyance towards her brother, Bautista cherishes her family’s memories and companion where up to now she has been tough to cherish every memory. 

 Throughout Bautista’s high school journey, she has met great friends that truly are true to her, Ulisses Perez is a friend that grew up with her and along the way were both enlighten by sports, and both made it to their dream sport where they both succeeded to varsity for years. 

 “Ximena has been on the varsity dance team since her sophomore year, and she has been captaining for 4 years. Ximena is an outgoing person and a very understanding person. I truly feel comfortable to have a person like her in my life. She is a special person and has a great heart,” Perez said. 

 Ximena Bautista had many ups and downs but she’s truly dedicated towards her future to become she want to be, she’s currently struggling on what path she want to follow whether is dance or become an ultrasound technician, but regardless she is preparing for both and she wouldn’t give up so easily just to make her mom in the sky proud. 

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