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Memories, Background and Future Goals

Jose Moreno reading a book during his break in class. (Photo taken by student Rogelio Lopez.)

Jose Moreno is a current senior attending Morton East High School and was born near Arlington Heights, Ill. He is currently taking AP Psychology to challenge himself during his final year of high school. Moreno has been a part of the wrestling team at Morton since sophomore year. Besides sports, he likes to read during school and outside of school he likes to hang out and play sports with his friends. He really admires and cares for his parents for everything they have done for him and being there when he needs them the most.  

 Moreno spends his free time reading and wrestling. Reading isn’t his preference, but he does it to pass time. On the other hand, he really enjoys wrestling because it resembles his personality.  

 “If it’s in school activity I’ll say reading it’s not one of the most exciting thing ever but I’ll say that’s one of them. If it’s an outside school thing, I will say wrestling because not only is it fun, but it brings a certain personality out of me,” Moreno said.  

 Wrestling is not only a physical sport for Moreno, but it is also a mental sport for him that keeps him pushing no matter what that he can imply in real life scenario.  

 Moreno said, “I love it. I really enjoy it. I think one of the reasons is because it is a mental sport. It does require physical as well, but it’s more of a mental sport and it keeps pushing you no matter what, and that’s something that you can apply in your life as well when it comes to working or anything else, so if you can push yourself mentally you can push yourself more later on in life.” 

   As a kid with an exciting childhood, Moreno wanted to be outside with his friends. “One of my best memories from childhood I’ll say it having to be able to go out with my friends.”  

 “Since we lived in a private area, we were able to play soccer or basketball depending on the mood of the day,” Moreno said.  

 Moreno said his goal in life is to have a stable life, a good income, and a family, but overall live his life at the fullest and achieve his highest potential.  

 “I think my plan is the same as many others, just probably have a high income of money and have a stable life and family but I think what my main goal is to enjoy my life to the fullest and reach every high potential I can possibly achieve,” Moreno said. 

 Clarissa Muñoz was Moreno’s sophomore year English teacher and communicated with her, staying in her classroom during supervision. Muñoz described Moreno as a genuine person.  

 “I would use this word because Jose has always presented a very authentic version of himself, regardless of who is around him. It is a very admirable trait which makes him stand out!” Muñoz stated.  

 Moreno has a great and bright future ahead of him with the excitement wrestling brings him and pressures him to do wonderful things that can make him achieve all his goals. Along with enjoying life to the fullest, his friends and family that he loves and cares about help support his journey. He will continue to express himself, build memories, and learn the best he can.  

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