Who should spend more money on valentines day? Men or Females?


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Who should spend the most money on Valentine’s Day — men or women?

Every year, Americans spend more than $20 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts, cards, romantic dinners and more. So it’s safe to say love comes with a cost—and for some people more than others. But what’s a holiday about love without treating your other half to something special?
Bank rate’s 2020 Valentine’s Day survey also highlighted differences between men and women. Men expect to spend an average of $187 on their partner or spouse, and they expect $111 to be spent on them. At the same time, women expect to spend $118 on their partner, while $93 is thought to be spent on them. Women say they plan to spend significantly less, about $64. However, the survey finds that men expect their partners to spend some serious cash on them, more than $200. Women say they expect their partners to only spend about $154. The study finds that couples who have been together for less than two years are likely to spend the most money on each other.

“I think it should be 50/50, both men and females should get something for each other,”
Ms. Anthonsen, math teacher of Morton East, said.

But, some students don’t agree.

“Men (should spend more) because girls don’t get anything for guys,”
Adrian Salto, junior,student at Morton East, said.

Another guy gives another reason why men need to spend more.

“Men (should spend more) because girls deserve the best,”
Edwin Zizumbo, a senior student at Morton East, said.

Younger millennial (ages 23-29) are most likely to spend money and expect their partner to spend on them for Valentine’s Day, and their average spend will be $266. Bank rate analyst Kelly Anne Smith says it’s because younger millennial are more likely affected by trends and celebrities on social media and they usually bear fewer financial responsibilities than older generations. And what about the ladies? Women expect to be treated to about $154 worth of V-Day treats, but only end up spending around $64 for their SO. A stat from another Valentine’s Day spending survey from Wallet Hub drives this home: Women are 33 percent more likely than men to spend nothing, while men are twice as likely to spend over $100. And in 2018, men spent almost twice as much as women did on a significant other ($196 versus $100).