What gender spends more money on Valentine’s Day?

Men better save up; they spend more on Valentine’s Day.

According to Knot.com, every year Americans spend more than 20 billion on Valentine’s day gifts, cards, romantics dinners and more. Also, according to Wilx.com men spend more on women and men plan to spend 339$ dollars on their female. While spend an average of 64$. In a random survey of 60 Morton east students 25 and 25 boy and girls have said that they spend around 30-100 $ on their significant other.  Ten agendered (who didn’t specify genders) said they wouldn’t spend 20$ dollars on their partner.  

I’d spend 50 $ on my boyfriend,” Sophomore Helen Leon said. 

Some girls will spend a little more. 

“I would spend around 60 $,” Senior Leslie Hernandez said. 

So, this proves boys spend more. 

(I spent) a lot… 80 $,” Senior Alexis Ayala said.  

Well, not all boys. 

“I only spent 30 dollars on 150 students,” Journalism teacher Mr.Frankfother said.