Students entitled to excused mental health days


Morton East social workers will meet with students after they have used a mental health day.

Ivan Morales and Willie Simmons

Morton East High School has adopted a new policy in which each student is entitled to excused absences for mental health days.   

Every single student is entitled to five mental health days in the whole school year. To take a mental health day a parent or guardian needs to call the school and specify that the student is taking a mental health day. After returning the student will then be required to follow up with a social worker. A total of three students have taken a mental health day this year. And in a survey of 100 Morton East students only ten said they took a mental health day last year. 

“I think it’s good our kids have five days, and the importance of mental health is being recognized,” social worker Ms. Joscelyn Rivera said. 

While social worker Ms. Joscelyn Rivera thinks positively of the execution of the mental health policy. 

 Another Morton staff associate assistant principal Ms. Carol Best thinks the execution of the new policy could have been neater and more thought out. 

“I’m all for the policy, I just think it was messy and thrown out there as an easy way to get votes,” assistant principal Mrs. Carol Best said. 

Furthermore, senior Diego Barocio also has mixed feelings about the policy.

“I feel that if a person needs a mental health day then they should use it but I would rather just go to school,” senior Diego Barocio said.