Majority of students feel tired, unmotivated

Angel Gutierrez and Alexis Gomez

Most students feel fatigued and unmotivated these days, an informal survey says.

Unmotivated and exhausted students may be the result of a decline in mental health.  According to “Consequences of Student Mental Health Issues” it stated that 22% have anxiety and 14% have depression. But due to COVID-19 mental health problems have increased by 16% according to “Are the kids all right? Supporting your teen’s mental health through Covid-19″ by Jen Rose.  As well in the same article it stated the usage of cannabis and alcohol has increased by teens.  In a random survey of 25 Morton East students, 22 students reported they have been feeling tired and unmotivated. 

“My motivation has been at zero and I find anything distracting that I forget about homework and it gives me so much stress opening up my laptop,” Senior Emily Velasquez said.

In addition, fellow students also expressed feeling the same way or if not worst.

“Extremely, Not only had my lack of motivation affected my productivity in school it also dug a huge hole for me, and my grades really reflect that,” Junior Alwyn Galvez said.

Also, many students have agreed that their mental health has been decreasing and it has been affecting their education.

“I have no motivation to do any work or even do anything after high school. I only applied to two community colleges even though I feel like everyone has high expectations of me” Senior Annette Chaidez said.

Finally, every student has seen their grades slip and have not done much to pick them back up.

“Yes, I haven’t felt motivated to do much school work due to my mental health being on the decline,” one Morton East senior said.

One English teacher gave feedback on how she thinks students should deal with this.

“They can start by talking to their counselor at school. They have a ton of resources at their fingertips. They can also seek help through their health insurance if they have a carrier. We at Morton can also provide referrals to free services within the Cicero community and beyond as well,” English teacher Ms. Sofia Gonzalez said.