Are depression and anxiety rising at Morton East? 


Christopher Montes

If you feel like you might have depression, talk to your counselor — like Ms. ONeill.

More than one-quarter of Morton East Student have suffered from depression or anxiety; and, many of them have missed school because of it.    

In a random survey of 98 Morton East students, 17% said they suffer from depression while 37% have suffered from anxiety and 17% have missed school because of this.     

Depression has always been a struggle for many teenagers for decades. Illinois is ranked 27 out of the 50 states for the number of teens that suffer any major depression episode according to Depression can also be caused by certain events that have lasting effects on your mental health and physical as well as emotional consequences. Early losses and trauma such as losing a loved one, parent or even withdraw of a special someone can cause depression. But, when an individual is unaware of the wellspring of his or her illness, he or she can’t easily move past the depression without the necessary help. However, unless the person gains an understanding of the root of the problem, depression can be triggered and return later in life.    

“Depression is different for every teen, biological, physiological, environmental, and genetic,” Psychologists Fischer said.  

An estimated that 16.2 million adults in the United States have had a large depression episode in the given year so it’s not uncommon for students.   

“Depression isn’t something you can predict, it takes a while before you realize it,” Senior Giovanni Munoz said.   

And, every person is physically different; it has a lot to do with biology.    

“Hormones, chemical imbalance, heredity, situational, trauma are usually the causes for it but mostly every teen is different,” Counselor Ms. Miranda said.   

It’s important to know the symptoms and to get help.   

“I say depression takes over people and once it takes over it messes them up mentally,” Senior Leslie Hernandez said.   

  If you or anyone you know suffers from depression, you can find help at school. Please contact your guidance counselor in room 212 and they will refer you to a school psychologist.