Christmas more expensive than ever!


Jason Ortega and Fernando Gutierrez

Christmas presents are costlier than ever!

With Christmas around the corner Americans are expected to spend between $942-$960 billion during the holiday season, with sales predicted to jump somewhere between 6% and 8% once all is said and done according to Yahoo Finance.

We asked students for their thoughts on Christmas, and what family member is the hardest to buy gifts for.

“My son, he’s autistic, so he likes different stuff, he’s 14 but he doesn’t like stuff that are big brands and just different types of stuff,’ ‘said Jennifer the security guard. 

Do you prefer online shopping or in-person?

“I prefer online shopping for deals, but when it comes to clothes or shoes I rather try them in-person and then go online and find them for cheaper,” said Luis the security guard.

Where do you go Christmas shopping for the best deals?

“Target, Walmart, Best Buy, most of those places have great deals for stuff you would want. I was able to get a console for a big discount at Walmart,” said senior Efrain Briones.