Senior Citizens of Cicero are in good hands


Cicero senior center symbol

Fernanda Quintero and Chrystal Barajas

The senior citizens/residents of Cicero are likely to experience the benefits of an amazing program that is offered here in our small town.  Nearly half of students in school have family members that can benefit from the senior services offered by the Town of Cicero.

Here at Morton East, we learned that 17 out of 50 students have eligible family members for this program. Our senior services provide transportation for our seniors for free and all your family members need to qualify is to be 62 years and older, an ID, and if they’re homeowners some type of property information. No SSN is required and welcomes all! To request a ride, all you need is to reserve your date 1-2 days in advance, they also offer to take our seniors to church on Sundays. 

‘’Our seniors have the best seniors services in the nation,” Morton East English Teacher Mr. Asay said.

In Cicero, we have the best free services for all of our wonderful seniors. Our program offers services such as the Lawn Cutting service, where staff members responsibly cut our seniors grass every month without cost. It also provides a free snow removal program in the winter. If our seniors need help with covering cost of a damage they have related to their homes, the Home Repair program helps with half or sometimes less with the cost of the home repair.

‘’I’m very grateful of all the serves they have offered me,’’ Cicero seniors services member Patricia Porcelli said.

Every month the program offers an outing for all the seniors members of the program. Every month they offer different activities for our seniors, they take them to eat first, from there they take them to their activity. They do things such as going to the movies, play sports, to the park, etc. Every senior in the program are more than welcome to enjoy these activity’s. The program offers classes to enjoy such as craft classes, Tai-chi classes, Monthly trips, Bunco games, and much more.

”I’m very happy with their workers, their all very helpful, respectful, and very caring,” Cicero seniors services member Patricia Porcelli said.