What type of costumes are in season in Morton East!?


Unidentified Morton student dressed up as a banana last year here at Morton.

Ahitza Garcia and Monzerrath Garay

As students start getting their Halloween costumes ready, many of the Morton Students are choosing to wear a partner/ group costume this year.

In this upcoming event, students will get the chance to express themselves through genres that they love. However only students who have good grades will receive a wristband indicating that they will be eligible to wear a costume at school. (Therefore, we suggest that those students get their grades up before Halloween.)  

In a random survey of 100 Morton East students, 40 said that they preferred a partner/group costume. According to Halloweencostumes.com, the origin of Halloween goes back all the way to the 1800s, the word “Halloween” is a combination of smaller words. “Hallow” is another word for a saint, and “een” is a shorter form of “evening.” Putting these words together creates “hallow evening,” or “Halloween.”  All Saints Day comes every year on November 1, so the night before would be All Hallows Eve, which is where the word Halloween came from and how Halloween began. It was first a celebration of the upcoming season and the end of summer. Some also believed that on this day spirits were in the right day and time to come out and wander around or visit loved ones, then one day they decided to gradually blend these celebrations together.  

The winning type of costume was partner/group.

“I feel like it’s a great way to connect with people and it’s a bonding experience and very aesthetically pleasing to others, and overall, it’s a fun thing to do,” Morton student Emily Peralta said. 

In second place 20 Morton students chose not to wear costumes this year. 

“Sometimes I feel embarrassed wearing a costume to school or anywhere, people over the years made me think that it was only for little kids and that us teens were too old or “too cool” to wear them,” Morton Student Yulissa Pardinaz said.  

In third place, 15 students favored sexy costumes. 

“I grew up not caring what anyone thought about me, I wear what I want because you only live once I won’t see any of these people in 20 years so who cares besides, I like to wear costumes that make me look cute and attractive,” Morton student Nathaly Meza said. 

Pending out of the survey was pop with 10 votes and scary with 10 votes.