Most students dropped off by parents

How do you get to school?  Most students are still being dropped off at Morton East by their parents.

In a random survey of 107 Morton East students, 40 out of the 107 were dropped off by car.

According to Pace’s “Student Fare Information”, those who ride the bus frequently can be offered a 30-day reduced fare pass if there is a high school entitlement applied to their Ventra account, the pass costs $30 and it does not have a school-hour restriction. Those who occasionally ride the pace bus and pay the fare with transit value with their student Ventra card can get a reduced fare of one dollar and there are more offerings to it for the summer travels and weekends. Those who do not have a Ventra card will pay about $1.10 for the fare after they reveal their student ID, and transfers will cost 20 cents. When paying for the fare will need to be an exact change of cash and change if you do not own a Ventra card.

Interestingly, some or most schools hand out Ventra Student Cards to students, which means that you could get a Ventra card for the Pace buses. J. Sterling Morton High School District 201 is one of the schools participating in this.

“The pros of getting dropped off are you don’t need to go through heavy weather by walking and you don’t need to spend time trying to find a ride when you got family members to do it for you, but some cons of getting dropped off are having to get up early to catch a ride and having to get used to the schedule of getting up and ready”, said Morton East Senior Angelina Venegas.

29 students out of the 107 surveyed were driving by car.

“I like driving to school because I feel more independent being able to do things myself but I also feel stressed because of all the traffic and little to no parking “, said Morton East Senior Itzell Torres.

17 students out of the 107 were walking.

“Walking to school was nice and it gave me time to think and plan out my day. The only problems I had when walking to school was when it was raining but I would take an umbrella and I lived far from my school so I was late sometimes,” said Jennifer McGowan, parent of senior Fernando Mendoza.

14 students out of the 103 were taking a bus.  Only 4 students out of the 103 were biking.  And, 2 students out of the 103 were taking a Uber/Lyft.