New: Boba Bar offers the best in milk teas

New Te’amo Boba Bar location is now open for all you milk tea drinkers.  

According to “Today” in their article: Boba 101; Everything you ever wanted to know about bubble tea, the famous tea originated from Taiwan. Boba (milk tea with tapioca balls/pearls) the pearls are chewy, and the star of this tea. Many agree that this drink is the new substitute for any drink like coffee or smoothie, it’s perfect for those who don’t like either.

When drinking this amazing milk tea it’s necessary to use a thick straw if not the pearls won’t come out and they would be left at the bottom. The drink can be sweet for a lot of people but in some places the sweetness can be reduced to some percentages. The tea is famous  on Instagram and can be aesthetically pleasant to see. 

The pearls of the drink can be too much for a lot of people; in most shops of Boba they sell different jelly flavors that substitute the tapioca pearls. But the tea can also change to another flavor like: matcha, Thai tea, green tea, black tea, rose tea, to coffee, etc. 

In a recent survey of 100 students of Morton East High School, 78% of 100 students surveyed  enjoyed the taste of the milk tea and their favorite part was to chew the pearls. 

Recently a fourth bar, Te’amo, of bubble teas has been opened. And can only be found in the area of Illinois; Hyde park, Chinatown, Michigan, Schaumburg. Schaumburg is the recent location and the grand opening was on March 19, 2022.

A long line of excited customers entered the shop and tried the delicious teas.

All of the teas and smoothies are organic, it also counts with desserts such as mini cakes and delicious donuts. 

The grand opening of the shop had collaboration with dance groups; Prism Kru, HELIXX Crew, Chemical X, and MINT Crew, were the performers. And, around four in the evening the first performance had started. K-pop cover dances had the audience cheering for them. 

Raffle’s were also happening: the grand prize gave customers a year of FREE Boba. And every hour from the opening winners were announced. 

But as the performances and drink orders were happening a long line outside continued expanding. A lot of customers were desperate in the cold rainy weather. And cutting lines started happening. 

“My mom had to cut the line, the line had not moved for an hour,” said senior Marisol Saucedo. 

The performances stopped the line from moving. 

“It wasn’t fair, my mom cut the line because other people were too, and if we didn’t we weren’t going to leave anytime soon, and we had been in line for 3 hours,” she said. 

“Fue un evento muy bonito pero creo que se necesitaba más organización, mucha gente corto linea y entonces no se me hizo justo y por eso yo tuve que cortar, pero me pareció un lugar muy hermoso, en donde mucha gente se divirtió, cantó, y bailó,”  said the mother of the student.

Te’amo is worth it.

“I would definitely go back to Te’ amo, it’s an amazing place to hangout, plus the employees are the best,” said senior Jasmin Saucedo.

The Boba bar can be found at Woodfield Mall: 601 N Martingale Rd, Suite 320, Schaumburg, Il, 60173.

But, the location can be a bit far for Cicero residents. Around the area of Cicero there’s a few locations that are pretty close, Sweet Monster-Bubble Tea, Ice Cream & Desserts is located at: 6604 Roosevelt Rd, Oak Park, IL 60304. 

If you haven’t tried Boba it will be a good idea to explore this summer.