Pet Reptiles not popular at East


Ana Cruz, reporter

Few students in Morton East have reptiles as pets.

In a quick survey of 12 East students, only one said they own a reptile as a pet.  (But, that one could represent a significant 8 percent of Morton students who own reptiles!) According to the article “A report on reptile pet ownership in the United States” by, about 9.4 million reptiles are owned as pets across the US. Also, each household that has a reptile as a pet, usually owns at least two.  Freshwater fish are the most popular pets worldwide.

“Yes, I have a reptile; I have a snake,” said one Morton East student.

Another student has an answer if they have a pet reptile at home.

No, but if I were to have one, I would want a lizard,” said another student.

But, reptiles are not for everybody.

“No, I don’t have a reptile at home,” said one student.

For some, looking is more than enough.

“When I go to Pet Co. for dog food, I always spend some time looking at the reptiles — mostly the snakes — because I think they are so beautiful and cool.  But, they also kind of scare me a little,” journalism teacher Kent Frankfother said.