Holiday activities start at Hull skating rink

Alexa Navarro and Isabella Loredo

Bobby Hull skating rink is just one of the fun winter activities planned by the Town of Cicero.

According to the “Have a Wonderful Holiday Season” from and town president Larry Dominick, we are fully in the Christmas season, with families enjoying the Bobby Hull Community Ice Rink, trees decorated throughout the town and the lights strung along the rooftop. The Town of Cicero has lots of activities planned by a variety of offices and departments, including the Christmas Posada, the Military Families of Cicero Holiday Dinner, the Senior Centers trips to the Brookfield Zoo, and so much more. 

“I thought the Bbby Hull ice skating rink was so much fun; I loved the vibes and music they were playing. It took me a while to learn (to skate), but I managed to do it,” senior Zaret Lopez said. 

Just like senior Zaret Lopez, there are other students as well that have enjoyed their time at the Bobby Hull ice skating rink.  

“(I give it) 5 stars:  clean skates, good staff and good ice rink,” sophomore Pedro Loza said 

“I like going to the Bobby Hull ice skating rink.  I think it’s fun and a great place to go with friends and family,” Senior Perla Orozco said. 

Although many enjoy the Bobby Hull ice skating rink, there are other students that feel differently.  

“I hate (skating) with all my heart, ;on’t get me wrong, it’s a nice place, with nice people, but I hated (the skating aspect). I only went because of my friends — and that was four years ago,” senior Ceasdawg Ramirez Jr. said.