Fashion is favored gift for parents


Fashion and clothing is the way to go this season.

As you may all know Christmas is around the corner and Morton East students are getting ready to shop for their new Christmas presents for their parents.  According to the article ” ” 20 gifts for your parents that they actually want,” most parents are more interested in local theater movie tickets than actual merchandise. Meanwhile, other parents prefer a symbolic gift, for example, an engraved necklace.  Or, perhaps parents are tired of cleaning the carpet and would enjoy having the luxury of a electronic vacuum — or at the very least a handmade coupon worth six months of vacuuming service. (Of course, you’re the one who redeems this and vacuums.)  Interestingly, parents prefer different things depending on their lifestyle and hobbies. So. what are you getting your parents in the season of giving?

In a random survey of 100 Morton East students on what students are getting their parents, 23 out of 100 students stated that they will be giving their parents fashion  and  beauty related gifts, perhaps a new purse for their mothers or the latest makeup kit.

Meanwhile 12/100 students said that they will give their parents home accessories — maybe the latest flat screen or the special blender that Mom has been wanting forever or maybe even a robotic vacuum to take some of the work load.

Also 9 out of 100 students stated that they will get their parents devices and electronics — maybe it’s the new air pods gen 3 or a new phone for Dad, perhaps an apple watch. Or a brand new speaker to jam in the shower.

And lastly, 7 out of 100 students said that they will get their parents gift cards; this is a great idea for a last minute gift, and it gives parents the opportunity to pick their own things.

“Flowers for my mom, and my dad is not picky — maybe some clothes,” English teacher Mrs. Maritza Huerta said.

Meanwhile another Morton east Staff states says..

“I’m getting them a picture of their grandkids, And for my dad a word search puzzle book,” College and career center councelor Ms. Legel said.

Mmm.. a photo sounds like an amazing idea.. on the other hand other teachers believes that devices and technology is the way to go.

“For my parents a Bluetooth speaker and a gift card for a restaurant,” college and career center counselor Mr. Smith said.

Although technology does not sound bad.   This Morton East student believes that he will find a proper gift in the fashion and beauty category fit for his mother.

“I’m getting my mother a new backpack for Christmas and for my father I’m getting him a wrench set from Home Depo, And for my younger sibling I’m getting her a fidget toy,” Senior Emanuel Aguirre said.

A Morton east student also agrees that fashion  clothes will make a grate gift this season.

“Gym shirt and a purse,” Senior Maria Hernandez said.

On the other hand Ariana Gonzalez believes that outdoor gear would be way a better gift than fashion clothing.

“I’m getting my mother some travel stuff and my father a heated vest, ” Sophomore Ariana Gonzalez said.

but another teacher also believes that the best gift category hands down will have to be the fashion clothing category.

“I’m getting my dad money because they are going to Mexico and some roller skates, and my mom specific shoes and money,”  Cicero resident Mr. Hernandez said.

“I’m getting my mom a Pandora bracelet charm because she been wanting to fill up her chrome bracelet,”  student Yailine Larios said.

“I plan on getting my dad some work boots because he works in construction and he is older so he needs a good pair to work safely through the day, ” history teacher Ms. Lopez said.

At the end of the day, the majority of Morton East students will get their parents a fashion/ clothing gift for Christmas.