Keep eye on safety this season

D'angelo Martinez, reporter

Christmas safety is an important thing to keep an eye out for during holiday break.

According to “10 Christmas safety tips to help protect your family during the holidays,” by TasteofHome, replace old light bulbs with new ones to avoid fires and such. Watch out for poisonous plants such as mistletoe; these can be very harmful to people and pets and cause problems. Making sure the tree is not a fire hazard is a must-have during Christmas. Trees catching on fire is a big reason fires on Christmas happen. When done with wrapping paper, don’t burn the garbage in a fireplace.  Wrapping paper is highly flammable and can flare up, causing fire accidents if one isn’t paying attention.  Candles also cause fire accidents on Christmas; make sure to be care full where you put candles and that they are in a holder that is stable and designed for candles.  (Candles on bottles often tilt or fall and start fires.)   In a random survey of 50 Morton East students, only 29 tend to be very careful around Christmas.

Christmas can be a very dangerous holidays with candles that people put up as well as the flammable wrapping paper that people use.

“You must be very careful with wrapping paper and with fire; my family had a small fire happen a couple Christmas’s ag.  But, fortunately, it did only a little damage to our home, and no one was hurt,” Junior Javier Rubio said.

Christmas is one of the most dangerous days for home break ins.

“Christmas is a day to careful when going on trips to family because that’s when burglaries happen the most. I had a neighbor that lived a couple house’s down from where I lived that had a break in during the holidays while they were away,” Cicero citizen Emanuel Hernandez said.

Have fun with family and friends this season, but take care to keep safety in mind.

“Christmas is the day to celebrate with friends and family and share presents with those you love and share connections with.  (You don’t want to end up with bad memories),” senior Josue Gomez said.