Top 10 Gifts from Amazon for under $20


Amazon has amazing gits when you’re on a budget.

According to Vice Reports, “If you’re trying to shop on a budget this holiday season, we’re here to help you get everyone the perfect present for a fraction of the price. We set our shopping sights on Amazon because the retailer has tons of affordable, fun and unique items to gift this season and they ship fast. The point is gifts under $20 can be great, thoughtful presents that won’t break the bank, but will put a huge smile on the face of whomever you give them to this holiday season. Sometimes having a large group of friends or family is never a bad thing until gift occasions roll around. Of course you want to get someone a special big gift but sometimes that isn’t financially possible. That’s why you can go on amazon and get a cheap gift and still be on a budget because you can find any cute little gift.

“I would buy either food or a stuff animal and I think that would be it,” one anonymous student said.

The $20 dollar budget isn’t personally for everybody, especially when the most expensive gifts are mainly preferred and the most sold. Another student feels differently about this situation.

“Personally, I wouldn’t buy a gift with a $20 budget because I like spoiling people with expensive gifts,” junior Jimena Rodriguez said.

Equally important, there’s students who use creativity when it comes to Christmas presents. Other’s may say the $20 budget is not enough for a big, elegant gift but, a student decided that it can be helpful to buy essentials for the cold that aren’t that expensive and useful to her family.

“Compraria en Amazon con un presupuesto de 20 dolares una manta Porque mi famlia le gusta viajar durante las vacaciones de navidad y alli es muy util para el frio,” junior Maria Martinez said.

While other students buy useful gifts for family, others think that getting a gift no matter the price is thoughtful. Like the say the thought is what counts

” I would go to the store and buy little  items like candles and socks, a small perfume but honestly its the thought that counts so even if the gift cost $20 you should be grateful for receiving something,” senior Leslie Lopez said.