PJs popular this Christmas

Nekyah Finnique, Pony Express Reporter

Matching pajamas are back for Christmas season.

People have always worn matching pajamas for the holidays whether they’re matching with their significant other or with their family. If you were to take a scroll through any social media platform you’d inevitably see people wearing matching pajamas. At least that’s what I see on my timeline all the time. In a random survey of 100 of my Facebook friends, 61 of them reported that they would be matching pajamas with their significant other. The other 39 people reported that they were either going to match pajamas with their family, or not at all.

“Last Christmas I matched pajamas with my family but I might be matching with my boyfriend this year,” senior at Morton West Nijah Parker said.

People sometimes fluctuate from year to year with who they choose to match with. To savor the memory forever some people take it a step further and get pictures taken.

“I’m buying all of my daughters matching pajamas this Christmas and we’re doing a photoshoot with them on,” parent of  Morton East student Darnisia Idelburg said.

People who want to savor the memory of their family members in their matching pajamas usually take photos at home on their handheld devices, others get photos professionally taken. A select few of people don’t wear matching pajamas at all though.

“My family and I have never worn matching pajamas,” Morton East graduate Diavionne Moore said.

This shows that not every person wears matching pajamas but it is a very cute tradition.