You, too, can be a substitute teacher


Joice Jackson working as a part time substitute teacher at Morton East high school

D'Angelo Martinez, Reporter

Substitute teaching might be a worthwhile job to take after college.

According to Ten Facts about Substitute Teaching from STEPBYSTEP the hours of being a substitute teacher are really good allowing you to choose when you come and choosing when you don’t work allows really flexible hours. Subbing is a great way to make connections with the people that work at the schools. Subbing can be a great way to get field experience and it helps you get comfortable with dealing with the children for if you are studying to become a teacher in the future. After a long day of subbing when the bell rings for the children to go home you can as well. Substitute teachers don’t have to deal with the stuff that teachers have to deal with like conference meeting, dealing with children, and grading any of the homework that the children do. Subbing can get very boring at times. The only job of a substitute teacher is to watch the room they are put in, if the teacher that teaches that room does not give any work or leave in notes for the room the substitute teacher has nothing to really do in that room so if you don’t have something to keep you buzzy it can get boring. In a random survey of 100 Morton East Students 24 have said that they might want to take up a part time job as a Substitute teacher when they grow up along with them having another job or going to school for a better education.

“To be a substitute teacher, you need to have a bachelor’s degree, a four-year college degree, but it doesn’t have to be in education.  The bachelor’s degree can be in anything.  It’s a great job if you are transitioning to another career or finding it difficult to find a permanent position somewhere,” journalism teacher Mr. Kent Frankfother said.

Different school districts pay different rates to substitutes.  Morton substitute teachers get paid $95 per day.  Chicago public school substitutes get paid $180 per day.

“I have heard that Substitute teachers make a bit of money working part time along with working another job so working another job along with being a part time Substitute teacher can earn a bit of money. You can use that money to get a car and work towards getting someplace of you own to live,” senior Josue Perez said.

Some people look at the benefits of the jobs they look into when deciding what they job they want.

“Taking a job as a Substitute teacher might not be worth the time put into it you can make money faster elsewhere. For instance you can find many different other types of jobs that offer better pay as well as have health insurance because being a substitute teacher offers little to none health benefits,” senior Freddy Martinez said.

Some people want to work as substitute teachers because they know they can make a bit of money and choose to have flexible hours if they want or need.

“I saw that there are not that many Substitute teachers here at Morton East, so if you do decide to become a Substitute teacher you can work many hours and earn quite a bit of money working. Currently there are 7 Substitute teachers here and that’s not that many compared to other schools just as big as east,” junior Alexis Juarez said.

Being a substitute teacher is not a job for everyone other people have there own things they want to do when they grow up.

“Becoming a Substitute is not worth it, it would be better to go to college and earn the education to become a teacher and make more money if you want to be in a classroom with students and make money,” senior Anthony Gomez said.

Working as a substitute teacher gives flexible hours, allowing you to do other things if you wanted like finding a better job.

“My mother has been a substitute teacher for the past 5 years and she does not make that much money. Taking a job like Substitute teaching might be worth while working another job or even going to school to get a better education because of the flexible hours of being a substitute teacher,” janitor Emmanuel Correa.

Some people can work as a part time substitute teacher and it can help them decide if being a teacher might be a worth while career in the future.

“Trabajar como maestro podría ser una carrera trabajar mirando hacia el futuro y convertirme en un maestro sustituto puede ayudarme a decidir si podría considerar si la enseñanza es la carrera correcta para mí y mientras trabajo como maestro sustituto puede ganar experiencia laboral y ganar algo de dinero mientras lo hace,” junior Nick Martinez said.