Morton students say their jobs are hiring over holidays

Graciela Paramo, reporter

If you want a job, there seem to be a lot of places in the area that are hiring for the holidays.

Is this holidays/season a good time to look for work? A recent survey of 100 students found that 22 have jobs and are hiring over the holidays, 25 have jobs but aren’t hiring for the holidays, and 53 don’t have jobs at all.

As Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner, many companies scramble to hire new employees for the upcoming season. As more consumers continue to do holiday shopping or attend an event the need for temporary help increases between the months of October to January. For many companies up to 90,000 new temporary positions are needed! According to a CNBC news article, retailers like target are preparing for a holiday season expected to be both busy and complicated. Sales in November and December are predicted to grow at least 7% year over year. Since the corona virus pandemic unemployment rates have rose by a lot but, according to the U.S bureau of labor statistics this month dropping to 4.6% compared to October’s rate at 4.8%.

As the holidays approach, it seems for many a good opportunity to snatch up a seasonal job and make some money. Luckily, for students at Morton there’s plenty of helpful resources that can help find potential jobs, not just seasonal but for the year round.  Already, a good amount of students have reported that their jobs are hiring over the season, meaning some good opportunities are waiting to be taken advantage of! Whether you need the money, some future experience, or just have some extra time to spare. There’s bound to be useful information to help if you’re interested in seasonal job positions. With winter just around the corner and everyone getting into the Christmas spirit, Brookfield Zoo’s popular zoo lights event is apparently a potential seasonal job opportunity.

“Brookfield Zoo has only been the only place so far that’s reached out a let us know they have seasonal positions for the upcoming zoo lights event.  I’ve heard that the starting pay is $15 an hour for those positions,” college career liaison Lyndsay Legel said.

Teachers and staff at school are often contacted about seasonal positions.  But,  there are still options for more permanent positions; lots of additional information can be found at the College and Career center room 213.  Counselor Mr. Ryan Smith, who oversees the center, can help out as well. They also have a team’s page filled with information ranging from apprenticeships + trades, career, college, financial aid, and military. Code: szxguf9.

“Some stores right now hiring for seasonal positions would be Kohl’s, JCPenny, Home Depot, and home improvement stores,” vocational teacher/coordinator Mrs. Tobin said.

Of course, there are still many open positions available at the moment additional research is best to do to find that right fit. Some Morton students and teachers with previous job experience have lots to advice share for those looking for a place to start or just to snatch up a quick temporary position.

“Some pros would be more job opportunities; there’s lots of holiday shopping going on which is good if you’re looking for a lot of work and hours,” college career center liaison Lyndsay Legel said.

Some have to agree there’s lot of good opportunities just waiting, with holiday shopping already starting. And plus think about the future and the long run in taking up these important opportunities.

“It’s an opportunity to get a good first starter and networking for a better job in the future,” teacher assistant Mrs. Chavez said.

And apparently some students have to agree with Mrs. Chavez on this one.

“It can be a good experience- you learn new skills and tasks to up employability skills for the future,” senior Ricardo Alvarez said.

“Expect to learn new things and gain some new experience in these temporary positions, and how to improve your work ethic,” senior Ricardo Alvarez said.

It seems students have lots of positive things to say about working, keeping their future in mind and being mindful about being responsible as well and really making an effort to express those responsibilities for others and how important that can be.

“Definitely be on time for work, be patient with work, be ready to be on task, and be a good listener and follow directions/ orders,” junior Ashley Gutierrez said.

Others had similar things to add overall keeping that idea of responsibility and priorities in mind.

“Don’t call in sick if you don’t feel like working that day, unless it’s an actual emergency,” senior Ricardo Alvarez said.

Some teachers also had lots of add on to that idea of responsibility and how important it is when you have any kind of job or responsibility to manage. And most importantly, being realistic about working.

“You generally should expect a sense of flexibility usually these seasonal jobs are during a busy stressful time, the holidays. Be ready to work, be on task, patient and focused. It can get very stressful at moments,” college career liaison Lyndsay Legel said.

But to Legel it seems having lots to do and being busy, can be a good thing somehow.

“You definitely have more to do at work during the holidays. It gets busy but I prefer that, it feels like time goes by faster and I feel productive as oppose to work being slow and nothing to do,” college career center liaison Lyndsay Legal said.

It also seems that though working sometimes can be a little stressing, it’s apparently the small things in life that really make your day at work.

“I had an experience during the holidays some time ago at a book store, just trying out something new temporarily. I enjoyed it because I tried something new out that I usually wouldn’t do and it was actually an enjoyable experience like helping costumers shop for gifts and that feeling of being on task and busy,” college career center liaison Lyndsay Legel said.

Sometimes it’s that time of the year that can really warm your heart and make working feel rewarding. And make those days at work just feel meaningful and not so awful…

“But it can be rewarding and fun at times, coworkers can be fun to work with, you build relationships, friendships, you all become closer, you become sort of like a part of a community, everybody works together and helps each other,” college career liaison Lyndsay Legel said.

“I also like the spirit, it’s different during the holidays, when costumers would come in to buy gifts for grandkids, sons, daughters- it’s exciting and wholesome to see and experience,” college career center liaison Lyndsay Legel said.

Though there’s lots of positive comments that can be said about seasonal positions and jobs overall, sometimes it’s not sunshine and rainbows every day thinking realistically, there can be some disadvantages that can make us hate work and working. Morton East students and teachers had plenty to say.

“Cons?  Well sometimes, jobs only need students for the holidays, long and lots of hours, a lot of time and dedication, and they only need students November to January most of the time,” college career center liaison Lyndsay Legel said.

Other students had very similar things to say, agreeing all too well.

“A con would be the fact that a seasonal job a temporary position, not a permanent position,” senior Ashley Gutierrez said.

And it seems sometimes you can found yourself in difficult to handle situations to go around, making your job pretty difficult and stressful.

“Another con would be you can be put in difficult situations during your work environment as part of your job,” senior Daniel Morales said.

So it seems, there are both pro’s and con’s, but for the most part, getting a job now or in the near future is a necessity for most students.