Are you traveling this summer? Students say yes

Anarely Diaz , reporter

Most East students will travel this summer.

According to Healthline, those who are vaccinated or planning to vaccinate are the most likely to travel. If you travel without the vaccine you will need a hand sanitizer in hand when taking a shuttle to the airport, touching the elevator button at the hotel, or grabbing the handrail at an attraction can all increase your exposure risk. Try to maintain physical distance as much as possible to protect yourself and others. In a random survey of 56 students, 42 said they would travel and 14 said they would not.

“No, I’m not traveling this year due to the pandemic people are still getting sick by travelers and I wouldn’t risk it,” senior Petrita Villa said.

Some people are scared of going out while others don’t really mind¬† it.

“I’m planning on going to Washington DC for a wedding by plane, and also I’ll be crossing state lines into Wisconsin. I’m actually more nervous about Wisconsin because when I was there last summer, no one was wearing masks,” journalism teacher Kent Frankfother said.