Working teens in action this summer


Philly is working hardly at Wendy’s and ready to chase the bag

Most teens will work during this summer.

According to CBS News’s article, “Should your teenagers work during this summer? Three reasons yes”, by Liz Weston, working during the summer improves academic performance, especially among lower-income teens. It teaches them important employment skills, including teamwork and problem-solving. Teens get real-world experiences demonstrating a work ethic and satisfying bosses who expect them to carry every dollar. Teens that work during the summer become even more responsible for all the factors that surround them when they have a job. The main cause is how they start managing the money that they earn. Most teens start saving money for their future once they start working; they also get responsible when they help their parents pay the bills. They are preparing themselves well for the future and all these factors will make them successful. In a random survey of 50 Morton East students, 28 students reported that they would work during this summer.

“Yes, I’ll be working over the summer. Now that I’ll be fully vaccinated, I’ll feel a bit more comfortable going to work and coming back home to my family. And I will have time to go to work and not be stressed over school,” Senior Josue Diaz said.

The other 22 students decided not to work during this summer.

“No, I don’t plan on working this summer because I’m going to Mexico for a month and I won’t be able to call off for a month,” Morton East senior Joanne Cedeno pointed out.

This question is very debatable for both sides.

“Yes, I do plan on working this summer because I want to start getting money. There is stuff that I want and I am going to work for it,” Morton East senior Chris Barajas exclaimed.

It looks like Morton East students will be chasing the bag this summer.

“Yes, I am currently working in a pizzeria and I will continue to work during the summer because I want to buy my own car,” Morton East senior Ray Malvaez responded.

Others even got job offers inside our school building!

“Yes, I actually got offered a job from my TSI teacher,” senior Hector Chavez pointed out enthusiastically after finding out they will work on what he loves.

It looks like each year more and more students are opting for work during the summer than just having fun. Everyone will be making money this summer!