Going out this summer? Most students say yes


Wear your mask and kepp your distance!!! Big Bear Lake, California.

Alondra Olmos Diaz

The summer is coming and there are many things that we all want to do; but is it safe to go out during this pandemic?   Most students are willing to take their chances; they plan to go out this summer.  

In a random survey of 57 Morton East students, 46 said that they will go out during this summer.  According to the “American Lung Association,” we can go out during the summer, but we still need to be very precautiousThe fact that there’s a vaccine for covid doesn’t mean we should lower our guard down. We still need to keep our distance if we are in large crowds and have our mask on. If in a small group of people, maintain your distance. All this so that we stay safe during this summer with hopes that by next summer everything is back to normal. 

“From my understanding of what the CDC just put out, it is safe to go outside and not wear a mask unless you are in large, crowded areas with strangers. I do plan on spending time this summer outside, especially around friends and family that I know are vaccinated. I will most likely go to outdoor areas like parks and zoos, and if I go to a place that is primarily indoors, like a restaurant, I will wear a mask, when possible,” Math teacher Mr. Elkins said. 

Most people agree that even if they are vaccinated, they should still be very cautious; maintain social distancing and keep wearing masks. 

“In my opinion, I think it is, but everyone should keep taking precautions and if they feel comfortable enough, they should. I am vaccinated so I feel safer going out this summer than I did last summer,” Spanish teacher Ms. Mendoza said. 

Other people just prefer not to go out even if they are vaccinated. 

“I think it depends on what you mean to “go out”. I don’t think it’s safe to go somewhere like an indoor water park, because you don’t know who has been vaccinated and you are in a situation where you would constantly be touching things other people have touched, as well as constantly touching your face because of the water. I do not intend to go out this summer on vacation. I do intend on visiting with family in small groups and only with family who has been vaccinated. I would rather visit in small groups with a family that does not pose harm to my children and who value our health as much as I do theirs,” ELL teacher Mrs. Rodriguez said. 

They agree that even with the vaccine it might still be dangerous to go out if you’re not immunized. 

Yo si quiero salir, pero no debo porque el COVID está muy fuerte. Creo que deberíamos ser responsables porque el virus no acaba. Aunque ya estén vacunando gente es vital que no bajemos la guardia porque si la bajamos puede que haiga un fuerte brote de casos otra vez y puede que vayamos a cuarentena otra vez. Es importante seguir usando el distanciamiento y las máscaras,” Morton College student Maria Diaz said. 

Teens just want to get out already, with or without vaccine they’ll go out. 

Yes, I am going out during this summer. I’ll be getting the vaccine in a few days, but I’ll still be very careful. I will be keeping my distance and I will be wearing my mask. I hope that everyone gets vaccinated soon so that everything could go back to normal,” Morton East senior Anarely Diaz said.