Jobs hopefully are on the rise this summer

Half of Morton’s students plan on getting a job this summer.

In a random survey of 50 Morton East students, 27 are going to get a job this summer.  According to the article,”6 Advantages of working after high school,” by Heather Skyler, “Students didn’t really enjoy school so why would they waste time in college knowing they won’t like it so instead they work straight after high school.  Working is a good way to gain life experience since you meet new people who aren’t your age and older; maybe they can help you a lot since they have more experience in life.”  Some people like to take things their way, some prefer to go to work instead of going to college. Students are also tired; attending from pre-school to a senior in high school can be tiring.
“I’m going to college but I’m also going to work so I can make some money while I study,” Morton East senior Jose Gamboa said.
Working and going to college has been a strong decision a lot of student have been doing after high school since it can help them save money and go to collage to get their degree.
“I would love to work after college because there are benefits like getting paid, but it’s different at a time like this. Working and school have become so different at the start of 2021 and knowing I am at risk every time I leave my house, I will not be working sadly,” Morton East senior Ramiro Zarco said.
Working at a time like this is different with the pandemic, some people aren’t safe with going out since they been on quarantine for a year already.