Is your car ready for the summer?

Miguel Palafox

As summer is approaching right around the corner with that heat; Is your car ready for the summer?

According to the “Newsroom” as 64 percent of families, travelers get ready for the road trip, the U.S. vehicles are at a higher risk than usual for breakdowns. Roughly about 69 million vehicle breakdowns occur per year. Most cars fail due to common problems and others break down since they’re ten years older or more. As temperature rises, it is important to make sure the A/C works at all times, checking the battery, making sure you have coolant, checking your brakes, checking tire pressure/traction, and checking hoses and belts. Along with a tune-up, you should have a reliable car for the summer. For other problems report to your local mechanic for assistance. In a random survey of 53 Morton East students, 48 students reported that their car is reliable for the summer.

“For this summer, my car is not ready at all. I have my car completely stripped out since I’m trying to rebuild everything by myself with the performance car parts. I’m currently just trying to collect and save as much money as I can,” senior Darius Cabrera said.

Some people decide to build their car in their unique way than stock.

“ I’m going to be cruising the majority of my time to distract myself and enjoy the nice sunsets. Pretty sure I have kept up with maintenance with my car, and it runs smoothly, I just want some couple more hp but not that much,” senior Giovanni Jimenez said.

Maintenance is the key to make a car run smoothly and reliably.

“It should be ready for the summer I have to fix the knocking of my engine. But besides that knock, I want to change my suspicion to a more performance kit along with a stainless steel exhaust system for that aggressive tone and add a couple more hp since it’s making 170hp trying to bump to up to at least 200hp,” senior Jesus Nunez said.

There’s different kind of car people which other goes for looks, others go for performance and others reliability.