E-learning or in person school? It’s a split decision


Elizabeth Hilario

Morton Student Barry Hilario watching his favorite movie “The Grinch”. On his computer enjoying the movie.

Elizabeth Hilario

Do Morton students prefer e-learning or in-person school?

According to a random survey of 50 Morton students, 50 percent of students reported they prefer e-learning. And the other 50 percent prefer in-person class.

“I prefer in-person school because you get concentrated better and if you need help you can always ask teachers,” Senior Lorena Cabrales said.

Another student feels differently because she thinks about her health.

” I prefer e-learning because I feel safe learning from my house than being in school even doe the school is taking pre-caution. But it is a little different from what I experienced from the rest of my years of being in school,” Senior Michelle Velazquez said.

Also, another student is cautious not only for her health but also for her family health.

” I prefer e-learning because I don’t want to get in risk of my family getting COVID since mostly everyone in my family is older,” Senior Mariana Banderas said.