At-Home Nail Techs are Better than a Nail Salon

Nelly Secundino , Reporter

At-home nail techs have been becoming more popular than nail salons after COVID-19 occurred.

According to the Washington Post, “Nail Techs Risk it All with House Calls as Coronavirus Lockdown Intensifies,” by Taylor Telford reports that ever since the pandemic hit, many nail salons had to close temporarily. Some people went from working at a nail salon to becoming an at-home nail tech to receive income during the pandemic. Tik Tok also plays a big factor in why the amount of at-home nail techs keep rising. As Tik Tok grew, new trends also grew and one of those trends was acrylic nails. Social media has impacted the rising of many people starting their businesses at home. In a random survey of 57 Morton East girls, 35 girls choose to get their nails done by someone who works from home.

“I used to go to a nail salon to get my nails done but lately I see many girls on my social media who do nails and my go-to person is my friend,” said Yaryela Gomez.

Another girl also prefers an at-home nail tech.

“Ever since COVID-19 started I’ve been careful on what I touch and what I’m around. I always get my nails done by someone who works from home because it’s more sanitary unlike a salon where many clients are coming in every hour and spreading germs,” said Rose Andraca.

Others say a salon is better.

“I’ve gone to someone who does nails at home and even though they don’t charge as much as a salon, their work isn’t the best. I think people who want to become a nail tech should do more practicing before they start taking in customers and leaving them unsatisfied with the final result,” said Jackie Ramiro.

A nail tech herself.

“Since COVID-19 started I’ve been doing nails. I enjoy what I do which is why my clients are always satisfied. As a nail tech, I take my time with each client to make them happy and make them feel beautiful with the nails they want. So far I’ve been successful and I get so many clients each week. It took me so long to take in clients once I started, I took time to watch videos and get advice from other nail techs which has brought me to where I am now,” said Ashley Dominguez.