Computers part of our every day routine

Jesse Rodriguez, reporter

In a survey of 25 community students and parents, 20 use their computers every day now.

According to “New York Times” Ella Koeze and Nathaniel Popper stated that “it seems that we want to do more than just connect through messaging and text — we want to see one another. This has given a big boost to apps that used to linger in relative obscurities, like Google’s video chatting application, Duo, and House party, which allows groups of friends to join a single video chat and play games together.” Apps that were barely getting used got a dramatic spike during the pandemic because everything has gone virtual.

“Ever since the pandemic started everything has gone virtual most people work from home even school went virtual,” Aylin, a Proviso East student, said.

Most students were “forced” to use a computer during the beginning of the pandemic as they transitioned from in-person to remote school.  Still, some people’s work doesn’t necessarily require computer use.

“I don’t really use a computer for my work, but sometimes it does come in handy to look up stuff online when I need help on a new project or have a question on the work I’m doing,” parent Gerardo Rodriguez said.

But, ever since things started to calm down more and more people are getting to work and go to school physically.

“While I use my computer every day, I would rather go to school to learn because at home it can be distracting. We are depending too much on computers,” Giselle, a Morton East student, said.

Once East went hybrid, journalism teacher Mr. Frankfother noticed something interesting.

“I actually appreciate it when those students who come in watch me and look at the Promethean instead of logging into their own computer.   I like being able to talk to them directly, converse with them casually.  I’ve missed that,” journalism teacher Kent Frankfother said.