Students support free health care for all

Jennifer Ramirez , Reporter

Free universal health care would better the U.S economy.

In a survey of 50 Morton East students 38 said that free universal health care would better the U.S   economy. According to over 31 million people do not have health insurance and when you don’t have good insurance you’re most likely to not get the best health care at a hospital or clinic. Lack of health insurance can be deadly. People with no health insurance are less likely to go to the doctor to avoid paying medical bills. In addition providing free universal health care would lower costs, give everyone the same health care and there would be no more private insurance.

“Free health care sounds good and I think that it would take a lot of stress off of anyone of pays a lot of money for insurance,” said senior Leonardo Rodriguez.

According to, paying for health care insurance stresses 64% households who make less than 50,000.

“A lot of the patients that come in who don’t have health insurance end up in a lot of debt because they can’t pay. I really do believe that free universal health care would make things a lot easier for patients,” said nurse assistant Ana Garcia.

People with low income are more likely to be in debt due to medical bills.

“Free health care would definitely make life easier but I also think that it would benefit homeless people,” said mother of three Rosa Moreno.

Homeless people have limited access to health care and they’re more common to be exposed to deadly viruses.

“I don’t think free universal health care would better the U.S economy because people may become careless of their health,” said senior Jason Perez.