Students reflect on life before Covid-19


Javor Parker

Senior Javon Parker was able to get on the stage and photograph artist Jasiah at a concert in Chicago during February 2020 just prior to the pandemic.

Javon Parker, Reporter

Students seem to miss hanging out with others more than anything this year.

The world is already a year into the pandemic which is hard for most people to believe. Cases are still as high as ever but there is some sunshine at the end of the tunnel with vaccination rollouts becoming more widely available to everyone.  As people reflect on the past chaotic year, they reflect on the things they miss most about life before Covid-19. In a random survey of 50 Cicero residents, 52% said they miss being able to attend school or work normally and another 52% saying they miss hanging out with friends. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, Covid-19 haraised the unemployment rate in Illinois up to 17.6%Currentlyit resides at 7.6! Things are beginning to look up for people a whole year later and as life slowly gets back to normal. Here is what some of our Morton Students had to say about what they miss most about life pre-Covid! 

‘’One thing I miss about life before Covid is going to Concerts and hanging out with my friends,” senior Jacky Garcia said.  

 Unsurprisingly, this has been a common theme amongst most people! Understandably so as it has been months since some people have even seen their friends, unfortunately. 

 ’I miss seeing my friends more often. Covid really changed that because we used to hang out a lot more,” senior Ashley Ortiz said. 

 Now, as restrictions begin to lift again, we have seen people beginning to ultimately hang out in groups while maintaining social distancing and mask-wearing. We see in social media stories and even in person outside small groups of friends spending time together and very much so because we humans are social beings, sometimes we need that and as long as you’re staying safe that is what’s important. Here’s what another student had to say. 

 ‘’Being able to gather and socialize outside in person and meet new people with no worries in the world is something I miss greatly,” senior Max Seay said.  

 Fortunately, most people are beginning to become used to living with Covid-19 temporarily and trying not to let it get in the way of their overall wellbeing. People are not letting it take over their lives which is great and they’re also being smart about going out, well… for the most part at least as some people continue to ignore guidelines, ruining it for everyone else. 

As long as we the community continue to put in a collective effort in getting through this together, we can see life without masks, social gatherings, concerts, and many more things returning sooner rather than later!