Most Morton teachers and students will get vaccine


manuel flores

Sophomore Manuel Flores wears his mask during a visit with horses.

Velia Flores , reporter

Most students in the community will get the Covid vaccine when it’s their turn.

In a survey of 35 people, 18 said yes they will get the vaccine.   According to Google, “although most healthy people will develop mild to moderate disease, up to 1 in 5 young adults with COVID-19 may require hospitalization.”  More than 500,000 deaths in the United States are the result of Covid-19.

The U.S is currently administering over 1.8 million shots a day; the global 7-day moving average of administered doses is about 4.6 million per day.  About 83,796 Latinos have died due to COVID-19.  Latinos were hospitalized more than four times the rate of white people and just under 12% of those vaccinated in the first month of the rollout were Hispanic or Latinos.  As of this article, 16,000 teenagers have gotten the COVID -19 vaccine.  It’s possible that ages from 1-12 will get a lower dose of the vaccine to be safe for them.

‘’ I did (get the vaccine) already, both doses. I did because I wanted to protect myself and others as best as I could.   A vaccine is the best thing we have against the virus,’’  history teacher Brenda Lopez said.

Protecting ourselves and protecting others is a common reason Morton East teachers are getting vaccinated.

‘’I would get the Covid vaccine, personally because I want to keep my family, students, and co-workers safe,’’ math student teacher Mrs. Kayla Schultheis said.

Morton East students think differently from their teachers.

‘’(I heard) one person died from it already, and I’m not convinced for my family to get the vaccine,’’ Morton East student Israel Dominguez said.

Actually, there is no current proof that any person had died as a result of the vaccine.  Still, some people are skeptical.

‘’(I am worried) because it usually takes 10 years for a vaccine and I feel like the process for a vaccine was rushed, ’’ senior Syklaly Perez Morton East said.

Some students believe they don’t need the vaccine and would rather not get it.

‘’I would not get the vaccine because I would  hang out with large groups of people and not have any symptoms till this day so why get the vaccine if you don’t need it,’’ Morton East student Darwin Barajas said.