Song “Driver’s License” goes viral  

I was watching and listening to the song Drivers License

Anarely Diaz

I was watching and listening to the song “Driver’s License”

Anarely Diaz

The song “Driver’s License” surprisingly went viral with teens.  

According to The New York times, Olivia Rodrigo was 17 when she wrote her song, she just turned 18 in February. Recently, the melody was released on January, 8 of this year. At first, the lyrics were heard all over Tik Tok, then was streaming on Spotify and amazon music. Originally, she sings about two teenage rites of the passage that involves heartbreak and getting her driver’s license. Amusingly, the song hits No.1 in a week in the U.S with 76.1 million streams. In a random survey of 118 Morton East students, 71 students reported that they like the song.

“I think that “Driver’s License” became so popular because of social media. Tik Tok for sure helped in popularity because that is where I heard it. If I didn’t watch Tik Toks, I wouldn’t know the song! I think too it’s relatable for a lot of listeners. You don’t need to have had a breakup to understand the song, we all experience loss and having a crush in different ways,” English student teacher Ms.Lowther said.

It has different reasoning in how they like the song and it’s viral because of an app.

“I think because we can feel the lyrics and realize that no matter how much someone says they are going to be there for you they end up leaving and when you accomplish something they told you they were going to be there for you, it makes you think that you only have yourself in this world,” senior Mariana Banderas said. 

Many agree and make people relate to it.

I think it became so popular because a lot of teenage girls relate so much to the song,” senior Jacqueline Gonzalez said.

Songs are sometimes sad and get touched by the lyrics.

Honestly, I believe because people get sad and think that’s going to happen to them,” senior Petrita Villa said.  

The melody is very catchy and a lot connect to it others just relax with it.

I think Drivers License became so popular because of the melody. It’s such a relaxing song. As an adult, I don’t really relate to the young aspect of getting your driver’s license for the first time, but I just enjoy her voice and the relaxing vibes of the song, even though it’s actually a sad song!,” Math teacher Ms.Dorta said.