Many students know someone who had COVID-19


Derrick Mercado

It’s important to sanitize each time you enter the school and a teacher’s room.

Derrick Mercado , Reporter

A lot of students say they have known someone personally who has been infected by the virus.

According to “10 Surprising Facts about Coronavirus, by Jennifer L.W Fink,” Interestingly, the CDC thinks even people who don’t have any symptoms can still get it but as well as that some people a year before corona spread at an alarming number might have had COVID but did not know. As well as the confirmation of the knowledge that COVID could stay on whatever surface it was touched by for several. Usually, some people thought that it did not get passed on through physical touch. It was thought commonly that older people were the only ones were really at risk until it was found that babies weak immune system makes them bigger target. People who had contact or was infected by the virus can still be infected by it as many times over so the best bet is keeping safe and clean. The vaccine is still up in the air for an actual date and time but doctors and scientist presume it will be ready for the world by next year.

“I haven’t heard of any of my family member caught Corona not even any of my friends so its not really affecting me,” senior Michael Rodriguez said.

Meanwhile, others oppose this opinion.

“Some of my family caught Corona; two of my cousins and my uncle had the virus for a bit but they are good now and they tested negative so I’m not worried about it anymore,” senior Diego M. said.

In addition, the coronavirus can spread quickly;  social distancing with family is the best option.

“Even family members in different states have caught the virus.  One of my friends who I work with caught it, and I quarantined myself from my kids for a week until I was sure I was negative,” parent Genesis Rivera said.