East loves dogs more

Jonathan Mora and Samuel Calderon

Either you’re a cat person or a dog person; at East, it seems, we’re more dog people.

According to Fansided, interestingly, male cat owners are less attractive.  In a survey conducted by Colorado State University, the majority of women agreed that they won’t date a guy if their profile picture shows a cat. Oddly, cat owners are viewed as more introverted, especially male cat owners. Amusingly, a study in Popular Science found that people who prefer cats tend to be higher in openness and neuroticism while dog people tend to be more dominant in social interactions and more narcissistic.  And, according to PBS, dogs are smarter; cats have about 230 million neurons, but dogs have about 530 million neurons — that’s 280 million more neurons.  According to MDLinx, dogs can be good for your health and well-being.  Oddly, according to Business Insider, you can bond with your cat by narrowing your eyes and blinking slowly.   (Did you know that when cats narrow their eyes and blink slowly they’re smiling at you?)  And, more than 63 million households have at least one dog — substantially higher than the 20 million households that have a cat.  In a random survey of 37 Morton East students, 89% said they were dog people and 5% said they were cat people; 5% were neither a cat nor a dog person.

“Cats (are best) because although dogs are more playful animals, most cats are usually really relaxed and it really doesn’t take as much complicated caring than dogs do,” freshman Rafael Aguilar said.

This other student also thinks that cats rule.

“Even though I have a dog, cats are easier to take care of,” freshman Angel Delgado said.

From another source, this person thinks that dogs are not only man’s — but woman’s best friends.

“I don’t like hearing the sounds of barks from a dog in the morning, so I would rather have a cat than a dog,” sophomore Jocelyn Mora said.

But some students thinks that dogs are the way to go

“I prefer both but if i have to choose I say dogs for the time I  like dogs because their energetic,” said senior Kevin Salgado

” I like dogs they just seem more loveable then cats,” said senior Victor Meza

Here’s what a teacher thinks.

“I’m a dog person. I’ve had a dog my entire life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I think a dog is more likable because they are loyal, friendly, and affectionate,” English teacher Mr. Reid said.

According to THESUNDAYPOST, to statistics cat owners are healthier than those without cats. The risk of heart attack is cut by a third among people who have a pet cat. Dogs don’t feel guilty. Although we think they might look guilty at having done something wrong, it’s just how we interpret their reaction to being told off.  Interestingly, dogs are as smart as two-year-olds, and able to understand the same number of words up to 200.